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Belzona History

Established in Elland, West Yorkshire England in 1952 by specializing in the flame spraying of steel with zinc to provide corrosion protection, Belzona has become a leader in providing industrial protective coatings and repair composites. With proven products that rebuild, repair, and maintain machinery, equipment, buildings, and structures, Belzona services many industries including power, oil and gas, water/wastewater, and facilities maintenance.

With significant investments in research and development, Belzona continuously evaluates and enhances our product range to ensure that market-driven solutions to problems are continually developed to exceed the ever-increasing industry demands. Belzona�s zinc-rich polymer coatings have developed into a technologically advanced product range that is renowned for being at the forefront of advanced polymer systems and engineering maintenance.

Belzona's international headquarters and research and development laboratories are located in Harrogate, England. Corporate locations for Belzona are also found in Miami, Florida and Chunburi, Thailand. Through our corporate entities and Global Distribution Network encompassing over 125 countries, Belzona provides the coverage and support that is necessary throughout the world.

CYNDAN History

Cyndan is an Australian manufacturer of industrial chemical solutions. It's marketing arm extends into a variety of industries including Food and Beverage, Automotive & Transport, Pesticides, Construction, Technology, Agriculture, Health Care, Cleaning etc.

Established in 1978, Cyndan was originally known for it's innovations in solutions to industrial problems and is now renowned for its rapid and integrated growth in specialty coatings worldwide. It has grown into one of the world's most successful chemical solutions providers with over 100 employees operating from many locations around the globe.

Despite it's rapid growth, Cyndan has been able to provide personalized attention and service by maintaining close personal relationships with users of Cyndan products.

Cyndan is committed to providing solutions that provide outstanding results, are environmentally responsible and are true industrial concentrates.

Kristal Bond History

An earlier version of KristalBond was developed in 1999 under the brand name Remine was marketed by Sunshine Incorporation of Japan. A breakthrough glass coating of its time, the coating consisted of colour and UV blocking function, used mainly for application on automotive glass. 2003 is the Launching of KristalBond Automotive.

In 2009 KristalBond's international dealership expands to 20 nations, and in 2011 KristalBond International have been expanded in two big countries which is Turkey and Miami.

Velocity The Hole Solutions

The Velocity Patching process emerged in the early 1980's following extensive research carried out in the United States.

Velocity staff have been heavily involved in the development of Velocity Patching technology since 1985 and brought the process to the United Kingdom in 1997.

Over twenty years of product and process development has culminated in the Velocity Road Repair Machines that we manufacture and operate today.

We are already the most technically advanced Velocity Patching specialist yet we are continually striving to further increase the performance and efficiency of our machines.


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