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Manpower Supply

With the big demand of Oil and Gas Industry for engineering solution Apollo Chemical Division have employed reliable Civil Engineers, Corrosion Engineers, QA/QC personnels, Supervisors, Trained technicians and skilled applicators. This is to accommodate the demands of industries with in our territory. We cater inspection jobs, Site supervision and application both for Engineering Repairs , Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance . Our team share the same objective of proving cost effective, safe, efficient and permanent solution to your demand.

Chemical Supply

Apollo Chemical Division is the sole distributor of Cyndan Chemicals from Australia, Kristalbond Solar Control Coating from Japan and Belzona Polymerics from UK. Our main chemical storage facility located at St. 38 gate No. 54 of Industrial Area and we make sure that stocks are available for dispatch and special material request can be arranged for early shipment.

We made it a commitment to our existing clients that the chain of supply will not be broken for their requirements.

All products with in our range are approved by proper government agency in Qatar.

Chemical Consultancy

Chemicals with out proper knowledge can be harmful .Cyndan Chemicals , Kristalbond and Belzona Representatives have strong background on all agencies we are holding. Available 24/7 to assist and give proper recommendation and defined working procedures for all your solution requirements. Apollo representative and Cyndan chemist is working hand in hand to be able to provide effective and economical solution.

Coating Inspection

Coating inspection is very vital for Oil and Gas Industry. This is to ensure that all assets are well protected. NACE certified inspectors, are available to conduct inspection to determine coating integrity of your asset and ensure QA/QC of application had met both international and Belzona Standards at the same time.

Coating Consultancy

Oil and Gas Industry has its valuable assets. It is of every ones priority to have every facilities and equipments well protected to ensure no unnecessary lost of time. It is our goal to offer the best practical and most effective solution. Belzona representatives are available 24/7 for your assistance. Each recommendation provided are based on details provided to us that has been carefully analyzed and reviewed. Belzona Qatar distributorship is in close contact with Belzona Corporate UK for informations and history of successful applications that serves as solid foundation in building your confidence with the products and services we offer. Defined method statement are provided to serve as reference to ensure quality and coating integrity are all accounted for.

Belzona Application

We accommodate vessel coating, pump repair and protection, tank coatings, water proofing, rubber lining, efficiency enhancement coating, Valve repairs , conveyor belts , casting, plate bonding, concrete repair and many other applications related to cold welding, cold vulcanizing and specialized protective coating. With Belzona we don't just repair but we protect and improve!

Man power Supply
Chemical Supply
Chemical Consultancy
Coating Inspection
Coating Consultancy


Dear Mr. Carlisle,
Belzona 5851 & Belzona 3211, have passed all the requirements of our Coating- assessment regime...READ MORE

I just want to let you know how impressed we are with the results of the ANTI-SLIP TREATMENT...READ MORE

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