"Velocity Patching is a fast and economic alternative to conventional patching"
British Standard: 434-2:2006

Velocity Patching is an excellent repair process
for rural and urban roads.

The process is suitable for repairs including:

●  Potholes – preventative, programmed and emergency
●  Pre surface dressing patching
●  Edge deterioration
●  Haunching
●  Sealing and extending the life of worn conventional repairs
●  Depressions
●  Cracking and crazing
  Exceptionally low CO2 emissions
  100% cold applied

  No waste material
  No excavation
  No further damage to the road base
  No recycling required

  Very fast and efficient process
  Less road closures
  Improved public perception
  Can be trafficked immediately

  Long lasting repairs
  Material keyed into existing surface
  Superior bond coat prevents water ingress
  Repair material can be matched to existing surface
No hot material required
Suitable for repairing anti-skid
Consistent ‘bottom up’ compaction superior to conventional
No roller required
Vehicle sizes 7.5 to 26 ton for rural and urban use
Customised Vehicle Tracking and Reporting System

  Up to 80% more cost effective than  conventional repairs (based on UK average pothole repair £65) ●  Reduced traffic management costs
●  Reduced insurance claims
●  Efficient 2 man operation
  Achieves consistent 33% higher output per day than conventional repair (real time output for a UK Local Authority contractor based on 9 years of use) No recycling or tipping costs
  ●  Long lasting repairs
●  Ideal for preventative maintenance programme

    Exceptionally low CO2 emissions    No waste material to be recycled or tipped
    100% cold applied material
  Right first time, long lasting repair
   Super fast process means:
  — Reduction in vehicle movements
  — Reduction in traffic congestion
    No vibrating tools or mechanical rollers means
 — NO noise pollution
 — NO further damage to surrounding surface


The 3 step process is completed from the same nozzle in one smooth operation
High Velocity air is used to remove all dust and debris from the defect.  
Bitumen emulsion bond-coat is forced deep into every crack and crevice to improve the adhesion of the bond coat while at the same time sealing the repair and the road base from further water damage.  
Bitumen emulsion and an appropriate aggregate are mixed, then immediately compacted into the void using high velocity. The new material is keyed into the existing surface with superior compaction, without causing further damage to the road base as with conventional methods.  
  The result is a level, sealed repair that quickly blends into the existing surface. The repair is completed within a few minutes and is immediately ready for traffic.  

Velocity Patching

velocity Patching

The Vision

Establish Velocity as the premier provider of Road Maintenance Solutions Throughout Gulf Region whilst maintaining our uncompromising principles of service through our people, products and research development.

Velocity Patching

Velocity's road repair machines are fully self contained and carry all the necessary equipment and materials to repair road defects in rural and urban areas. Every machine is fitted with a customised Vehicle Tracking and Reporting System(VTRS). The process is carried out by a team of 2 - driver and operator.

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Mark Alberto Libor

email ID: marklibor@velocitygulf.com

Don Ericson G. Nova

email ID: dnova@velocitygulf.com

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